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Beijing Telelink Remember Co.,Ltd established in 1996, importing and developing high-tech technology in voice processing, put our every effort in the fields of cti, unified message solutions;

 Products & Service:

Telephony Voice & Fax Platform

[Support to Windows XP/2003/2008/2012/Win7]

A: Voice/fax cards(2 to 32 lines moduler, digital)

B: IVR voice call flow Auto generator AG32 

C: OA massages exchange & automation system Platform

D: Kinds of  Experienced voice/fax systems ,suitable for distributor,Var 

E: Voice Logger systems



Telephony system integration [co-operate with Var

Personalize Telephony Voice system design

A:Public Electric Message Query service (goverment callcenter service)

B:Normal E-Comm Order confirmation and cancellation 

C:Information service(company、information data center、bank、telecom、transportation,etc.)

D:Voice Input, outbound(telephony selection、marketing investigation、voicemail,etc.)

E:Telephony Auto-Services [company autoattdent,voicemail ,Information Query、 faxserver、Ivr]


Public Customer service Products [Business Callcenter Applications]

  IVR Hosting Service,Voice Broadcasting Service