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AG32 Series
 AG32  Software   Support  Telelink , Intel-Dialogic, Djdn, Sanhui  series Voice boards
   Turn Your Office To A Media Contact Center
 AG32 IVR         
   An IVR voice Portal Platform for Telephony Media Interaction

 Complete Full-Functional IVR Software AG32 just start  From USD$498 

IVR Systems :
AG32 now offers an affordable and expandable IVR analog or digital phone service system. The IVR system includes our IVR Wizard software or comes optionally with our comprehensive IVR software development toolkit. You can program your own ivr application system or we can provide you with a custom IVR application. These applications can be easily ported to our digital E1  IVR system  when your call volume requires a larger system. 

AG32 provides IVR software including our IVR wizard development tool for creating interactive voice response applications. This wizard guides you through each step when defining your IVR applications. Informational phone applications can be developed quickly. Simply record your phone prompts and fill in the blanks. 

 Full Functional, Lower Price !!!

We can Also Support Telelink , Dialogic,SH,DJDN Voice Series cards 

Telelink Series voice cards                     Dialogic  Series voice cards


DjDN  Series voice cards                  SanHui  Series voice cards